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All NEW!04-05-13

Hi all!

We played at Utrecht and we had a blast! Great vibe, nice weather, great people 🙂

Now, I am practicing a lot because I have my Master Recital coming up: The Final Frontier and then I will be a Master of Music, sounds cool, right? So I am very very busy!

Also I am working on a new project called We Move Mountains which is going to be awesome! Check out our facebook page! The website will soon be online.

And, last but not least, there are some new video’s online! Koen and me played at national TV and radioshow OBA Live, and me and the band did a concert in Haarlem some time ago, somebody filmed us, so I posted all that in the video section.

Hope you like it!


Jula Aimée

Jula Aimée @ Wicked Werff at The Poort, Utrecht

Jula Aimée @ Wicked Werff at The Poort, Utrecht